Each year millions of people migrate to Florida. Some to weather the winter, others for a brief vacation and still more to travel over 2,400 miles of shoreline. Along Florida's coast is the most diverse ethnic based cuisine of any state in the country.

Florida Restaurant Recipes features the food native to Florida, fish and shellfish caught along the coast and other recipes that integrate the flavors commonly identified with various parts of the state.

You won't find thousands of recipes on this site, but you will find those special concoctions that remind you of the sand, palm trees, waterfront and aquatic beauty of Florida. If your favorite restaurant isn't here, tell them about us and have them submit your favorite recipe.

Want a recipe? Just email us and we will send a request to the closest restaurant in your area that can develop one for you. Planning a party? Find larger quantity recipes actually used in Florida restaurants.

Enjoy browsing the recipes created by restaurant chefs. They work with a passion to please hungry people!
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